Kunkel Consulting caters to investors and developers in the commercial real estate business, and is specialized in property consultancy services. We are focused on real estate operations presenting significant complexity as well as underperforming projects and property portfolios, including office buildings, retail and hotels.
We assist investors looking for expertise on letting, branding, property repositioning and turnaround strategies..
In particular, we provide strategic support with intense project management to clients who do not have sufficient specialized resources to monitor and manage their operations in Germany, and therefore complementing their existing team.

We aim to combine industry knowledge, highly personalized service and effective implementation skills with intense project management of the underlying real estate assets. In view of our wide range of professional background and market experience we are well positioned to offer clients the best possible asset marketing expertise.


The team is led by Patricia Kunkel, a former head of marketing at NAI Apollo – Commercial Real Estate Service Worldwide, and consultant to The Blackstone Group, a leading real estate investment and advisory firm. As an independent business professional she brings on broad an extensive project expertise and international field experience in understanding the full value chain of real estate operations.